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Got Perlite?

You know you are dedicated hydroponic grower when your entire trunk is full of perlite! I managed to get a 20lb bag of Nor Cal brand horticultural perlite and 40 coco baskets in my tiny hatchback. Ebb and Flow for life!

The Technical Indoor Gardening Institute

If you ask 10 growers about their techniques, you will get 11 different methods for growing. Everyone has their own particular way of doing things, and everyone will insist that their way is the best. When beginners ask me about how to get started, I tell them the best thing they can do is find […]

The New GHE Blog

I am very proud to announce the new General Hydroponics Europe Blog. Frederic and Noucetta have put together their own blog, that will cover information unique to the European market. It is a great place to gain insight on their products, and learn about their distinct identity in the international hydroponics industry. They also provide […]

Aeroflows at Grow 2010

These sweet example setups were at the Grow 2010 show in LA. I personally rock ebb and flow, but I have to say, if I ever switch, it will be to an Aeroflow for sure!systems

The New GH Booth at Grow 2010

Randall sent in some great shots of the setups in LA last weekend. Grow 2010 was a great place to learn about the bleeding edge technology emerging in the hydroponic industry. GH held it down with not one booth, but two- one for GH, and one for GO. I love the new sky-high design for […]

Grow 2010 Los Angeles

I am so bummed that I didn’t make it down to Grow 2010 in LA this weekend. Since I’m not there, I’m rocking the new LA shirt today! If you are anywhere in SoCal and happen to be a grower, you should totally check it out. Today was industry only day, but Saturday is open […]

A New Look for FloraSeries

General Hydroponics’ FloraSeries is the formula that has produced more high yielding grows than any other in the world. It is the cornerstone that the entire hydroponics industry was built on. Some things never change. There is nothing we will ever alter in our definitive 3 part nutrient. Despite our dedication to the integrity of […]

Fruit “Jam”

The Public Fruit Jam turns gleaning fruit and planting trees into a party. A delicious, delicious party.

Agropolis- A Hydroponic Vision For Consumers

Wouldn’t it be great if we could by fresh fish straight out of the stream that runs through the local grocery store? That’s the future of aquaponics in this vision of agricultural commerce called Agropolis. Via Justmeans

Grow 2010 Los Angeles- October 1&2

Anybody have plans to come out for Grow 2010 in LA? Urban Garden Magazine has been doing shows in the UK for years, and I am stoked to have one in California this fall!

Crazy Big Basil at Fifth Season

Randall stopped by Fifth Season in Asheville, NC recently, where they had a jungle of basil blowing up a Gen Hydro Aeroflow. I am always so impressed with the yields that come from the Aeroflow. The ultra-oxygenated root zone is ideal for spurring massive growth. Check out!

Hydroponics in a Swimming Pool

I am in awe of this incredible modern farm built in a converted swimming pool. The McClung family purchased a foreclosed house with an empty and broken down pool in the backyard. Instead of filling it with concrete, they filled it with life. The Garden Pool is a remarkable and ambitious setup in the Sonoran […]

Giant Dahlia Flowers Growing at Gen Hydro

No matter what time of year, there is always some kind of amazing flower blooming here at General Hydroponics. And some flowers, like these dahlias seem to be perpetually producing massive flowers. These beauties are growing in CocoTek planters, and are fed the latest bloom formulas.

Spotted: General Organics T-Shirt

Check out the General Organics T-Shirt in this video review of the new Quantum Infinite Breeze Fan. Oh, and the fan looks pretty good too! I found the link on!

Modern Design with the Kusamono Grow Light

I can’t decide if I love or hate the design of this grow light. But I do love the fact that growing plants indoors is becoming trendy and mainstream!

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